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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Zodiac Signs And Astrological Charms

Zodiac Signs & Astrological Charms

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Leo Zodiac sign amuletThe Zodiac refers to the twelve monthly astrological signs we encounter nearly every day of our lives. The origins of this celestial science go back over 3,000 years to the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians; who in their study of celestial constellations began to assign animal shapes to various star groups. The ancient Babylonians began to develop a calendar which incorporated the 12 astrological signs into monthly periods, and assigned each month with a different astrological. Sign Celestial star groups were linked with these signs, which were believed to form images of animals or humans - even gods.

Early zodiac signs looked quite different from the ones we are acquainted with today, and early charms and amulets made to represent these signs often included ancient cuneiform writing, or Egyptian hieroglyphics, or Hebrew and Aramaic symbols. Astrologers "mapped" the constellations by coordinating them with the month in which they appeared. It became common to use these monthly symbols to assist in "charting" human destiny, with each monthly symbol being said to exert its influence over the person who was born within the period in which the zodiac star groups appear.

Zodiac signs that we are familiar with came to being in Ancient Greece, and were first described by the famous Greco-Egyptian astronomer and astrologer Ptolemy. Ptolemy assigned Latin terms to each of the12 signs, beginning with the air sign, Aires. Ptolemy and other astrologers believed that a person's fate and eventual destiny is 'charted' by the astrological sign under which he or she is born. The Greeks and Romans were not the only ones who believed in the connection of celestial groups to the destiny of mankind. The ancient Hindus also attributed images to celestial star groups which were strikingly similar to those of Ptolemy and other Western astronomers.

Virgo Zodiac Sign AmuletAs the belief of the power of astrological signs spread, the wearing of Zodiac amulets and jewelry made to symbolize these signs became popular. Amulets that most are familiar with today incorporate symbols which came into common use in Europe during the Middle Ages. Using the Latin terms as a guide, together with the art forms of the period, the twelve signs of the Zodiac were made to represent either animal or human forms. Thus, Aries became the ram, Taurus the bull, Gemini the twins, Cancer the crab, Leo the lion, Virgo the virgin girl, Libra the Scales, Scorpio the scorpion, Sagittarius the archer, Capricorn the goat, Aquarius the water bearer, and Pisces the fishes. Only the Libra sign is not attributed to a representation of Man or Beast, but to the Scales of Balance and Harmony.

Although amulets with ancient astrological symbols can still be obtained, the most popular forms of astrological jewelry are those symbolizing the signs of the Zodiac, with people purchasing pieces which represent their particular sign. Attributes of astrological signs can be found in newspapers and magazine which note an astrologer's predictions of destiny for those who were born under the sign that appears on a particular date. Wearing either charms or amulets based on these signs is believed to give protection to the wearer against evil and adversity, as well as being bearers of good fortune.

Astrological charms and amulets, as well as fashion jewelry, vary in price according to materials form which they are made. Though many are made of base metals such as pewter, brass, and various alloys, other are made with Silver and other precious metals, and may also include precious stones. Browse our selection of Zodiac Amulets and Jewelry and enjoy.

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