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The Mystical Ana Bekoach Blessing

The Mystical Ana Bekoach Blessing

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Ana Bekoach Kabbalah NecklaceThe Ana Bekoach Blessing was written by Rabbi Nechunia ben Hakanah, a sage who lived some 2000 years ago in the land of Israel. It holds profound mystical significance.

The prayer has 42 words, and the first letters make the mystical 42 letter, Name of G-D. The 42 letter Name of G-D is much talked about in Kabbalah; furthermore it is described in detail in the Holy Zohar as well as the writings of the Ari HaKodesh

The 42 letters may also be associated with 42 stages in the process of spiritual development.
And likewise the stages are the secret of the 42 locations where the nation of Israel camped during their forty year sojourn in the Sinai Desert. Additionally, there are 42 lines in each column of the Torah scroll.

Ana Bekoach PendantThe prayer is divided into seven verses, six words each; the first letters of the six words in every verse also combine to make G-D's Names.

These seven names combined with the 42 letters are a total of 49. The number 49 has many mystical associations in Kabbalah. 49 corresponds to the seven lower emanations of the Tree of Life all of which contain all seven.

There are likewise 49 years between each Jubilee Year that represents the new era of freedom; there are 49 days in the counting of the Omer; and 49 Hebrew letters in the holiest Hebrew prayer: The "Shema".

The English translation of the Ana Bekoach Blessing is as follows:

Ana Bekoach Charm BraceletPlease, with the might of your right, untie the bundle:
Accept your people's prayer song, heighten, purify us, Mighty one:
Please hero, your uniqueness worshippers, guard them closely:
Bless them purify them, your rightfulness mercies, always reward:
Immune, proud, with your good will, manage your people:
Single, proud, address your people, who remember your holiness:
Accept our plead, and hear our cry, he who knows histories:
Blessed be his kingdom's honor for ever

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