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Thai Amulets

Thai Amulets

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Horseshoe Amulet Amulets from Thailand and other countries on the Malaysian Peninsula date back many thousands of years, and reflect the fascinating and unique cultures of the peoples inhabiting there. Many of these beautiful Amulets reflect religious symbols particularly deities such as Buddha. Other Amulets depict images of animals particularly elephants. The influence of Buddhism, Thailand's principle religion is very prominent on many personal Amulets, as this religion plays a very important role in the lives of the people inhabiting this region.

Thai Amulets are made from a variety of materials including stone, wood, metals, and glass. Stone Amulets, often depicting images of Buddha and religious motifs including temples, holy men and the like are made of jade, soap stone, and other precious and semi-precious stones; and are often encased in gold or gilded settings. The influence of deity worship is very prominent in the artistic creativity of the various forms of Amulets, ranging from simple stone Amulets worn by monks and simple village people, to more ornate and valuable Amulets worn by wealthy people and members of Thailand's extended nobility. Amulets are worn for both protection against sickness and evil influences, as well as for peace and serenity; concepts very much prized among Thailand's gentle, peace loving population.

There are five important groups of religious images that are used in Thai Buddhist Amulet motifs. These are the Soomdej, Soomkor, Nang Phaya, Pongsuphan, and Phra Rod. Each group relates to a particular temple, and image of the deity Buddha. Those who collect Amulets and other works of South East Asian art, often spend considerable sums of money for authentic pieces. Travelers who frequent markets in Thailand's major cities including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phichit, and Kohn Kaen, often purchase reproductions of ancient Amulets in jewelry shops.
Many such Amulets are exported world wide, and are often found in shops specializing in Asian art. The influence of Chinese, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cultures are also evident in these Amulets, with images of Buddha being very popular among Chinese living in communities in Europe and North America.

When purchasing such Amulets, one is only limited by his pocketbook, as they can be bought at prices ranging from a few dollars to literally thousands of dollars. Those interested in collecting such Amulets need to be aware that many cheap reproductions abound, especially those coming from China and other places. The popularity of wearing such 'Asian charms' is not limited only to those of Southern Asian origin, as many people now wear them for their beauty as well as for other reasons.

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