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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Star Of David Amulets And Jewish Jewelry

Star of David Amulets & Jewish Jewelry

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Blue Star of David NecklaceThe six sided hexagram, known universally as the Star of David or Shield of David, has actually been symbolized in several religions; including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, and Druidism, among others. Although this symbol is not historically traced back to either the Israelite King David, or to his son Solomon, the Star of David has been used by many as an amulet to offer protection to its wearer as well as to ward off evil.

In more recent times, the Star, also called by it Hebrew name Magen David, has been used as an occult symbol, along with a five pointed star, the pentagram. The hexagram, which is formed by the inversion of two triangles, is also said to represent the three parts of The Trinity, which is not only important in Christianity, but in other religions, including Hinduism, as well.

All Pink Star of David NecklaceModern use of the Star of David includes its popularity among groups known as Messianic Jews, who believe that Jesus is the true Messiah; as well as Christian Zionists; who are fundamentalist Christian groups who fully believe in biblical prophecy in regards to the creation of the State of Israel. Many of these groups wear both amulets and jewelry articles which may include a Star of David along with various Christian symbols.

For New Age people, the symbol of the hexagram represents a union between the spiritual balance of the world along with a spiritual balance of the 'world to come'. The joining of the two perfectly formed triangles represents a relationship between the Kingdom of Heaven and the material earth.

Star of David jewelry items are made as pendants, bracelets, wall decoratives, and other items .with a myriad of designs to please virtually everyone. One can choose from very traditional designs to those that are ultra modern, and even abstract.

Jewelry incorporating the Star of David can be found in many stores ranging from gift shops, including stores selling religious articles and gifts, to jewelers. In recent years the Star of David jewelry designs have become more creative, moving away from the traditional gold to other materials. Some new designs include the use of copper, brass, Sterling Silver, stained glass, Swarovski crystals and a collection of semi precious stornes. Religious inscriptions, including passages from the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 58 for example) are also very popular with Star of David Jewelry. offers a large selection of religious jewelry and Star of David amulets including;
  • Adjustable Green Star of David Charm Bracelet
  • Pink & Brass Star of David Necklace
  • Turquoise & Blue Star of David Necklace
  • Blue Wall Decorative Star of David
  • Olive Star of David Amulet Necklace
  • Leather Evil Eye Star Bracelet
  • Stained Glass Wall Hanging Star of David

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