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Rachel Tomb And The Red String

Rachel's Tomb and the Red String

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Red String Kabbalah Bracelet & HamsaRachel, daughter of Laban and beloved wife of Jacob, Judaism's third Patriarch, has a very special place in regards to the mystical study known as the Kabbalah.
Rachel, otherwise known as Rachel Emeinu (Rachel our Mother), was known for her perseverance, kindness, and humility, traits which Jacob immediately saw in her and caused him to work no less than 14 years for her father, until he finally was able to marry her.

Although Rachel died in childbirth, delivering her second son Benjamin, her place in Jewish history became legendary in the history of the Jewish People. She was the mother of Joseph, who saved Jacob and Joseph's 11 brothers from famine by bringing them to Egypt; as well as being the mother of Benjamin, of whom an illustrious tribe in Judah bears his name.

After her death in childbirth, Jacob and his sons buried her "on the road to Efrat" near the entrance of present day Bethlehem. Each son placed a pillar on her grave, with Jacob's pillar being on top.

Rachel's Tomb is located on the southern outskirts of Jerusalem, not far from the northern entrance to the town of Bethlehem (Beit Lechem in Hebrew). In a tradition going back hundreds of years, worshipers visiting her tomb have wound a red cotton string twelve times around the marker, or Jacob's pillar, on top of Rachel's grave, the red color relating to the color of blood which is the symbol of life itself.
Ben Porat Yosef PrayerSpecial prayers are then recited and afterwards, the string is cut in bracelet sized lengths and tied on the left forearm to give the wearer protection against sickness and misfortune caused by the Evil Eye. While the string is tied a special prayer, beginning with the words "Ben Porat Yosef" are recited to call upon the Heavenly realm to give strength and protection - especially against the curse of the Evil Eye.

Students of the Kabbalah give a very holy and reverent importance to this 'Red String' which is perhaps the most important part of what is known today as "Kabbalah Jewelry". The tomb itself was renovated by the renown Moses Montefiore at the beginning of the 20th Century; and was later renovated again after the area in which the tomb is located was captured by Israel during the 1967 Six Day War.

Today, Rachel's Tomb is open to all worshipers who wish to pay reverence to the Jewish Matriarch, and is especially of interest to students of the Kabbalah.

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