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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Peace Sign Charms

Peace Sign Jewelry

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Peace is a hot topic these days. Yet the desire for peace is a vision mankind has been nurturing for more than 3,000 years. Peace Signs and symbols, which help us to rally around this noble vision, date as far back as the notion itself.

In Biblical times, Noah built his famous Ark and saved the human race from complete extinction. He sent off a white dove to discover dry land, and when it flew back carrying an olive branch, Noah knew that the flood is over. Since then both the white dove and the olive branch have become the central symbols of peace and hope in all three monotheistic religions. Additionally, God painted a rainbow over the sky, in order to mark his promise to Noah and the other survivors, that such devastation would not occur again by his hands. Therefore, the rainbow is a symbol of peace as well -- a way to hold God to his promise.

During the ancient Greek era, organizers of the Olympic games had used the olive branch and the laurel wreath to crown leading athelets and to remind the crowd that these games are to be held in times of peace only.

In modern times, we have become familiar with a peace symbol that contains a circle with 3 straight lines. The formation of the lines inside the circle somewhat resembles the Greek Psi letter, but is actually a play on the Radioactive Symbol. If you look carefully at the peace sign, you'd see it contains the letters N and D, which stand for "Nuclear disarmament". Another letter that is hidden inside the peace sign is "V", which stands for "Victory".

This modern version of the peace symbol rose to prominence during the Anti-Nuclear demonstrations of the 50's, and thanks to the Anti-War movement, as well as the "Flower Children" of the 60's.

In recent years the Peace Sign has become a popular design theme and has been adopted by leading fashion and accessory designers. The balanced shape makes for an attractive charm, and Peace Sign Jewelry has become very popular while promoting a great universal idea.

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