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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide

Merkaba Flower of Life or Chariot of Fire

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Merkaba BraceletThe Merkaba, also spelled Merkavah, is a very ancient geometrical diagram that is constructed by two interlocking tetrahedron diagrams, which is purported to have counter-rotating light fields and is a "connecting force" to higher, spiritual realms.

Also known by the term Flower of Life, this unique symbol, which one might say resembles a three dimensional Star of David, has equal geometrical degrees of 19.47 at its points, with 0 degrees at the center, i.e. a circle. The Merkaba's definition when broken down is Mer (light) Ka (spirit) and Ba (body). Illustrations of this symbol often include the figure of a human being at its center, the figure relating to the body or spirit being surrounding by counter clockwise movements of light that serves as a "vehicle" to transform it to another realm or dimension.

The energy field of the Merkaba is also the basis of special meditation and breathing exercises that are supposed to cause complete relaxation and the "shifting" of a person's consciousness to higher dimensions of thought. The special breathing exercise involves 18 breaths of both inhaling and exhaling, with emphasis on the heart as the "center" or "love" expression of the being. The Merkaba is considered a very powerful tool for healing and protection. It is believed to balance both sides of the brain empowering our mental abilities and assisting us in spiritual growth. It is a gift of Love, Health and Protection.

Merkaba NecklaceSimilar diagrams have been found in writings of a number of civilizations including Assyrian, Indian, East Asian, Phoenician, and Medieval alchemy. In ancient Jewish tradition, the word Merkaba has a special meaning as it originally referred to the "Chariot of Fire" which descended to earth and carried away the prophet Elijah. In later Hebrew texts, it refers to the passages from the biblical Book of Ezekiel when a four wheeled vehicle driven by "four Cherubim, each with four faces, lifted up the Son of Man into the heavens". The "Son of Man" in the "center of the Lord's House" is said to resemble the body in center of the Merkaba being lifted up to a higher spiritual realm.

In later Jewish Talmudic teaching the Merkaba became referred to as the chariot in which special heavenly angels known as Seraphim and Chayot carried the likeliness of Man to a higher Heavenly realm. It is the Chassidic version of the significance of the Merkaba that is most interesting, as this explanation is one of the central teachings of the Kabbalah. In this teaching, the four Cherubim angles represent God's vision of Man and of the nature of the world, with the four faces of each angel, the Lion, Ox, Eagle, and Man, representing the four basic elements of Fire, Earth, Wind, and Water. Another explanation of the number Four (4) also refers to four earthly seasons that give Man his sustenance and well being.

Later usage of the Merkaba is also evident in Christian religious usage, as well as with a number of fraternal organizations including the Freemasons. offers a wide selection of Kabbalah Jewelry made in Israel, including the following selection:

Balance and Health Merkaba Bracelet
Merkaba Necklace
Turquoise Kabbalah Amulet Bracelet (3 colors available)
Evil Eye Leather Charm Bracelet
Kabbalah Healing Bracelet
Red String Kabbalah Bracelet
Four Names Kabbalah Baby Blue String Bracelet

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