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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Jewish Amulets

Jewish Amulets - Reflecting a Diverse Ethnic Culture

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Star of David Kabbalah String Jewish amulets, also known by their Hebrew name of "Kemeot", have been worn or displayed by Jews through their long, diverse history. Often containing Biblical passages or inscriptions from various religious and philosophic writings, such as the Raziel HaMelech and the Kabbalah these amulets also reflect the many regional and cultural backgrounds of the Jewish People themselves. Rabbinical writings, while allowing the display of some forms of amulets (whether on the body or in the home for example) often forbid the use of amulets using passages from the Torah, Judaism's most holy set of books, to directly heal or shield a person from harm and affliction.

Though a variety of small amulets have often been worn by Jews, including ones depicting certain ritual items as Menorahs (seven branched candlesticks), six pointed Stars of David, Chai symbols, and many others, amulets with written inscriptions have also been very popular, especially when hung inside the entrance of homes. One such inscriptive amulet is the Shiviti and is often seen in Synagogues and other places of Jewish worship. The Shiviti which has the Hebrew term for God centered at the top, with lions on either side, begins with as verse from the Book of Psalms: "I have set the Lord always before me."

Jews originating from North African and Middle Eastern backgrounds usually have 'Hand Amulets' in their homes as protection against the "Evil Eye". Often referred to as Hamsas, these amulets also contain religious inscriptions as well as an eye centered in a raised hand. This is alleged to stop and keep the 'evil eye' away from them. Keter or crown amulets refer to the Crown of the Torah which symbolizes the importance of learning, as well as the Crown of Law, or the Pirke Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), and the Crown of Royalty, referring to King David, who made Jerusalem the capital and religious center for the Jewish People.

Star of David HamsaThe Kabbala, the mystical compilation of earthly and heavenly laws, is often referred in regards to the making of various amulets. Kabbalah amulets stress various words and inscriptions taken directly from the Torah (the words must be exactly as written in the Holy Books). Kabbalah amulets are becoming more and popular, and may be made of parchment (the same material as the Torah scrolls themselves), silver or other materials including semi-precious stones. Amulets with Kabbalah symbols are in particular demand by New Age Kabbalah students.

Though not always considered amulets, some of the most popular jewelry pendants worn by modern Jews today include the Star of David, Chai (meaning life), and ones with the Hebrew word Shadai which has Kabbalistic significance. The most often seen "amulet" of all is the Mezuzah which is placed on the door post of every house, including inside rooms. It contains verses from the Torah in which all Jews are commanded to place these writings "upon the doorpost of thy house, and upon they gates". This is perhaps the most important Kamea of all, as the commandment comes directly from God.

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