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Indian Amulets

Indian Amulets

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Indian AmuletsIndian Amulets, made often of silver and other metals, have been worn by peoples on the Asian Sub Continent for thousands of years. Though the practice is waning somewhat among the country's burgeoning middle class, with more than 80% of the country's billion + population living in rural areas, this huge segment of India's population still believe in the power of amulets to bring health and good fortune as well as ward off evil.

Indian civilization and culture was already very old when Alexander The Great led his Macedonian-Greek army into parts of the Sub-Continent in the Third Century B.C.E. Indian religions, particularly those of Hindu origin, include the worship of a variety of deities with animals such as elephants and cattle (both considered sacred) often pictured in human form. These deities, including many goddesses as Durga and Shiva (pictured) were especially valued by women as fertility symbols, as well as to guard their homes against evil. Many amulets are 'yoni' or vaginal shaped, obviously for use as fertility symbols. They are mentioned in the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian guide book on love and sexual practice, written in the 4th Century C.E. by the Indian poet and philosopher Vatsyayana., in which he mentioned amulets to be given as gifts when wooing a young damsel.

Fertility AmuletAmulets and other religious oriented jewelry are usually included in a bride's dowry and wedding trousseau. Old Coins are also popular as part of amulets, they are believed to bring good fortune.

In modern times, with large sections of the population still worshiping Hindu deities, the wearing of amulets among poorer classes is still very much in fashion. Visitors to the Sub Continent often purchase these amulets in jewelry and other markets throughout the country. Young backpackers to India often purchase these 'lucky charms' to protect them during their visit, which often lasts several months. One doesn't have to journey all the way to India, however, as a good variety of Indian amulets can be purchased through various internet websites.

One is only limited by imagination (and of course one's pocketbook) in regards to purchasing an Indian 'good luck charm'. Colored glass and semi precious stones are also materials often used in making these amulets, with these stones representing the eyes of various Indian deities.

Islamic derived amulets, including those of Arab origin are found in India as well; as more than 10 % of the population are Muslims. More popular ones include the use of old coins with religious inscriptions in Arabic. Others include the "eye in hand" or Hamsa used to ward off the Evil Eye.

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