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Heart Amulets For Love

Heart Amulets For Love and Health

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Heart Amulets date back to the ancient Egyptians. Ancient Egyptian writings frequently mention heart amulets, which were included with the mummified body of the deceased to assure that the dead person's soul would be judged and hence directed in the afterlife. As a part of the long mummification process, usually taking as long as 60 days, the deceased's heart and other vital organs were removed from the body and preserved in a separate jar containing a special solution of herbs, honey and other substances. The heart amulet was then placed in the body cavity where the original heart had been. It was believed that the amulet would assist to help the deceased's heart when judged by the gods in the next world. The heart was therefore considered by the Egyptians as the central symbol of a person's entire being.

Later on, the heart became a symbol of love and romantic emotions, as these feelings were considered as originating in the human heart. The term "palpitations of the heart" became a common expression to refer to the often traumatic emotional feeling of being in love. With this in mind, heart shaped amulets and jewelry became popular symbols in regards to love and good health and well being.

Use of the heart symbol in amulets and jewelry is also tied to one of early Church's first saints, a priest named Valentinus, who lived in the Third Century and was slain by the Romans. The love holiday, Saint Valentines Day, occurring annually on February 14 is connected to this man who as legend says was one of the early priests who tried to stand up against the pagan worship of Rome. The romanticism of St. Valentines Day was attributed later to the English poet Geoffrey Chaucer in the 13th Century. Heart amulets are commonly seen in Christian motif jewelry, the heart being that of Jesus.

Heart Charm BraceletBesides being a popular symbol in romantic jewelry, the Heart also is found in amulets and jewelry dealing with Jewish mysticism or Kabbalah. The heart, and its divine purity, is an important part of Kabbalistic teaching. With the increasing popularity of studying the intricacies of this ancient Jewish series of mystical teachings, Kabbalah jewelry including amulets are becoming popular as well. Though Kabbalistic amulets come in many forms, those in shape of the heart are more recent additions and designed to assist in love and physical protection. offers a selection of Heart Amulets & Heart Charm Jewelry including;

Bullet Heart Charm Necklace
Evil Eye Hamsa & Heart Earrings
Geometric Heart Link Charm Necklace
Hamsa & Heart Charms Leather Bracelet
Kabbalah Four Names & Heart Pink Bracelet
Key To My Heart Charm Necklace
Leather Heart Charm Necklace
Love Protection & Prosperity Charm Necklace
Loving Heart Hamsa Amulet
Turquoise Handmade Heart Necklace

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Four Names Kabbalah Bracelet
Four Names Kabbalah Bracelet
Ani Ledodi Ve Dodi Li Charm Pendant - True Love Necklace
Ani Ledodi Ve Dodi Li Charm Pendant - True Love Necklace
Spiritual Protection Amulet on Hand Woven Bracelet
Spiritual Protection Amulet on Hand Woven Bracelet