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Hamsa Amulets

Hamsa Amulets

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Hanging Hamsa AmuletHamsa or Chamsa Hand Amulets, also known as Hamesh in Jewish tradition, date back to before the Common Era, and are said to refer to the ancient Phoenician fertility goddess Tanit. Hamsa Jewelry, that usually depict a five fingered hand with an eye centered within, have symbolic meanings to both Jews and Muslims, with the five fingers referring to the five books of the Torah, Judaism's most holy set of books, and to the Five Pillars of Islam.

Silver Hamsa Charm BraceletJewish Chamsa Amulets, like the one pictured below, are often worn by Jews from Sephardic or Spanish Jewish background, which was heavily influenced by Islamic cultures that coexisted along with them in both Medieval Spain and Portugal, as well as in North Africa. In Jewish tradition the Hamsa is also referred to as the "Hand of Miriam", the sister of Moses.

In Islam the Hamsa is also called the Hand of Fatima, who was the daughter of Muhammad. As 'The Hand' stems from the Semetic grammatical root for the word 'five' it is understandable that Muslims refer to this symbol as being connected with the five tenants or pillars of Islam.

Both Jewish and Muslim Hamsas are either worn on the body or displayed inside homes to protect against the Evil Eye. They are also referred to as the Protecting Hand or Hand of God. The Hamsa is one of the most popular Charms and is widely found for sale in jewelry shops in the Middle East, and in other countries as well. Many Hamsas contain inscriptions in either Hebrew or Arabic, referring to passages from the Torah or from the Q'uran. By hanging these in the entrance of a home or business, they are alleged to bring good luck to the inhabitants as well as ward off evil.

Hamsa Hand PendantHamsa Amulets and Charms, worn on a small chain around the neck, or as part of a set of wrist Charms, are made of gold, silver or other metals. The Charm is also in use somewhat by Free Masons, with the 'eye' referring to the Creator's "all seeing eye".

One can find Hamsa Amulets and Charms in gift stores, jewelry stores or shops selling New Age gift items. Many Israeli 'Wall Hamsas' are made of pewter, wood or ceramics and have inscriptions on them such as blessings for the home, for travel and for protection.

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