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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Fish As Amulets

Fish Amulets

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Fish AmuletThe Fish symbol has been used as a Talisman and Amulet by people throughout history. The ancient Egyptians often gave wives and daughters such Amulets, designed to resemble a Fish; and these were worn as a charm to both protect them from drowning, as well as to insure fertility. Since Fish have always been an important food source, especially for those who make their living from Fishing, Fish Amulets are often worn by commercial Fisherman, even to this day.

In ancient Canaanite and Phoenician societies, worship of Dagan the Fish god including wearing Amulets to insure a bountiful catch. Drawings of Fish also adorned Fishing boats, and no serious Fisherman would consider venturing out unless he had his Fish Talisman with him to both bring good luck and to protect him against storms which could easily sink small, frail Fishing craft.

Even among native peoples of the New World, the Fish has been used as a symbol of luck and protection. In South America, a flying Fish Amulet was made by ancient artisans and was worn by these people more than 1,600 years ago. Legend has it that some of these tribes may have been visited by strange men who came from them from the heavens in flying machines, represented by the Fish!

In countries where dangerous Fish such as sharks, barracudas, moray eels and sting rays often kill and injure inhabitants of towns and villages, Amulets and Talisman are often made to resemble these creatures and even include the teeth, fins, and barbed stingers of these fearsome denizens of the deep.

Lucky Fish Handbag CharmIn many religions, the Fish is often used as a symbol for good luck and prosperity, and many people, before moving into a new home or opening a business invite a holy man or religious person to come and recite special prayers which include bringing a fresh Fish and placing pieces of it in different parts of the building. He goes from to room chanting something like: "Fish, Fish, Fish, bless this place and those within and bring them good luck!" Upon completion of the ceremony, small Fish shaped Amulets are sometimes given to the family or business owners as a memento of the occasion.

Fish shaped Amulets can be made of a variety of materials, including teeth (from sharks, etc.), gold, silver, sea shells, pewter, driftwood and from semiprecious stones. In China, they have been made of a variety of materials, including gold and jade, often resembling the gigantic gold Fish and other exotic Fish often found in special pools and Fish ponds at the homes of wealthy people and Chinese royalty. offers a large selection of Fish Amulets, Fish Charm jewelry</b> and home decor:

Blue Fish Amulet with Hamsa Charm
Fish & Hamsa Charm Handbag Amulet
Fish Hamsa Amulet for Prosperity
Green & Blue Fish Key Chain
Lucky Fish Handbag Charm

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