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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Feng Shui Amulets And Coin Jewelry

Feng Shui Amulets and Coin Jewelry

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Feng Shui BraceletFeng Shui, pronounced Fung Shway in English, is an ancient Chinese philosophy in which the placement and arrangement of objects in an area of space is important to achieve harmony in one's physical environment. While the practice usually deals with how objects, such as furniture, greenery, and art items are arranged in either a home or office environment, it also applies to wearing certain charms and amulets to bring harmony and balance in our personal lives.

Many of the amulets dealing with the practice of Feng Shui go back thousands of years, even before ancient Chinese philosophers, such as Guo Pu (of the Jin Dynasty) and even Buddha himself. Feng Shui, translated, means "wind and water" and amulets worn usually represent these natural forces and their influence in our lives. As both wind and water have to do with growing things, many Feng Shui amulets are designed to resemble plants. Some of these include well known Chinese flowers such as lotus blossoms and peonies. Wearing these symbols is supposed to assist the wearer in attractive friends and other relationships.

Feng Shui NecklaceOther symbols, dealing with wealth are made to resemble coins, and those resembling dragons are said to bring personal success and success in business. Other feng shui symbols, including the common "Shirdi Shaibaba" or "singing Buddha" are very important in gaining this deity's personal protection. Besides wind and water, the most important Feng Shui symbols are earth, wood, fire and metal amulets made out of these materials are very vital in bring harmony and balance into your life..

Color is also an important in Feng Shui practice, and amulets painted to represent a particular element allows that element (wind, fire, etc) to assist the wearer in achieving personal goals. Jade, an earth element and easy to carve into jewelry, is often designed after particular elements, a bluish green representing combined elements of wind and water

The forces represented in these amulets are also backed up by a very important power, and that being faith. It is believed that if one has enough faith that something will turn out all right, that the chances of this being so are increased. This being so, wearing such a charm, helps one with a more orderly and positive approach to achieving a desired goal in life.

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Our Feng Shui Jewelry includes:
Black Feng Shui Coin Bracelet
Black Leather Feng Shui Charms Bracelet
Brown Leather Feng Shui Charms Bracelet
Feng Shui Coin Bracelet
Feng Shui Coin Necklace
Red Leather Feng Shui Charms Bracelet

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