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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Evil Eye Protection Amulets

Evil Eye Protection Amulets

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Leather Wrapping Evil Eye BraceletThe Evil Eye is believed to be brought on by the envy generated by the good luck and fortune of people. Envy maybe in material possessions, physical beauty, health and children. Children are also considered the most suseptible to the Evil Eye because they elicit so many compliments.

This Evil Eye folklore varies between cultures as do the protective measures used to ward off the evil eye. In general there are two primary ways of getting effected by the Evil Eye; by a malevolent gaze of someones "magical eye" and the more common way by envy. It is believed that in most cases this envy casting is done unintentionally. Being inflicted by the Evil Eye can be manifested by bad luck, poor health and disease.

According to Jewish religious thought, the Jinx or Evil Eye, although brought on unintentionally, is also tied to the sin of envy. It is suggested by some that the envious eye is actually perceived by god and is associated to the 10th commandement where Covet actually may refer to the Evil Eye.

Evil Eye belief on its many variations exists in the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Europe. It has spread by sea over the years to other regions including Northern Europe (Celts) and the Americas.

Evil Eye Charm BraceletSymbols used in both Judaism and the Kabbalah as talisman against the curse of the Evil Eye include the 'Hamsa' or 'Hand of Miriam', depicted as a five fingered open palm with an open eye centered within, and, most particularly according to Kabbalah thought, a piece of red string known simply as the Red String. In the Middle East colorful beads, necklaces, anklets, home decoration and many forms of the Evil Eye bracelet are still popular Evil Eye protection charms.

The tradition of the 'Hamsa' is also indigenous to other cultures, particularly those in Mediterranean countries, and is well known in Muslim and Christian cultures. Kabbalah students and believers adhere more to the legend of the Red String or Bendeled Red String, as this is string that is wound around the grave marker of the Matriarch Rachel's Tomb and then afterwards cut into bracelet lengths to be attached to the left forearm as protection against the powers of the Evil Eye. The left hand and forearm are symbols in themselves as they pertain to the part of the body that receives the blessings against the curse of misfortune represented by the Evil Eye.

Evil Eye Cell Phone CharmProtection against misfortune and evil, including poor health has been an important aspect to modern Kabbalah thought; and other charms and symbols are also used including those representing some of the 72 names for God, the Creator. Hebrew letters, especially the Aleph(A), Hey(H), and the Youd(Y) (both abbreviations for God's name) are often included with Red String bracelets, as well as hearts, miniature Hamsa and Star of David jewelry.

People seeking answers to problems they feel have been brought on by people who they feel have 'cursed' them with the Evil Eye, often seek out Kabbalah healers who help them to rid themselves of their misfortunes. Many times, a part of the ritual against the spell of the Evil Eye includes the attaching of the Red String, followed by the recitation of a special prayer, which translated into English is roughly like this:

"Beloved Joseph, from whom I receive his worthiness, may the eyes of the Angels protect me from all evil set upon me and call upon them in my name and the name of our fathers, Abraham and Yitzhak and rid it (the evil) from all parts of the land."

For those who believe, ridding themselves of the curse of the Evil Eye can have special and lasting meaning to their lives. offers a wide range of Evil Eye Jewelry, Evil Eye charms, amulets and home decor:

Adjustable Silver CZ Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Blue Evil Eye Protection Key Chain
Evil Eye Hamsa & Heart Earrings
Evil Eye Protection Key Chain
Evil Eye Silver Necklace
Evil Eye Charms Bracelet
Leather Evil Eye Charms Necklace
Leather Evil Eye Star Bracelet
Leather Wrapping Evil Eye Bracelet in Camel

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