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Unique Amulets, Charm Jewelry & Talisman Guide
Christian Amulets And Cross Jewelry

Christian Amulets and Cross Jewelry

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Blue Crystal Cross NecklaceCross amulets and Jewelry have been worn by Christians the world over since the beginnings of Christianity. Although various customs and local folklore have depicted the shape and design of these items; what has remained eternal are their meanings. Amulets depicting Christ's crucifixion are emblematical in their meanings and can be found in a variety of designs. They are made from various metals and other materials. Some of them originate from ancient folklore and represent regional beliefs and practices.

Cyan Rainbow Cross NecklaceA good example of 'regional' cross jewelry and amulets can be found in Celtic jewelry and amulets in which an ancient cross is emblemized together with a circle. In Celtic tradition, the cross represents the eternal circle of life, as well as Resurrection and Rebirth. The style dates back to the Middle Ages when these symbols adorned early churches in Celtic populated areas, including Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. Depending on the metals and other materials used to make up other jewelry, these items, using metals ranging from pewter and bronze to silver and gold are said to offer comfort and protection to their wearer.

For Catholic believers a variety of designs are available ranging to simple pewter and silver crucifixes to ornate jewelry pieces made from gold and other precious metals. Some of this jewelry is referred as "passion jewelry" as these pieces are made to symbolize the Crucifixion of Jesus and include crosses with or without the image of Jesus and other shapes as well including representations of the nails that the Romans hammered into Jesus' hand and feet when he was crucified.

Red Turquoise Wall Hanging Cross AmuletSome cross jewelry include what are known as "Jerusalem Cross" pieces which are patterned after early depictions of the Cross, made during the time of the Byzantium era, or in the fourth to eighth centuries A.D. Besides having an image of Jesus, many of these unique jewelry items have ornately carved designs of flowers and other motifs engraved into the metal.

Some of the most simple, as well as the most meaningful Cross jewelry items are those made from olive wood (emblematical of peace) and those which claim to include minute pieces of the actual cross of crucifixion. Some of these are known as the Cross of Caravaca which depict an image of Jesus flanked by two winged angels. These cross amulets are very popular in Spain and Latin America. These amulets date back to the Spanish town of Caravaca in the 14th Century, and are alleged to have special powers to grant wishes.

You are welcome to visit our selection of unique religious jewelry and cross jewelry.

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