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Amulets And Kabbalah

Amulets and the Kabbalah

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Kabbalah Prosperity Bracelet Kabbalah Amulets, Jewish ritualistic Amulets or Kame'ot, are probably as old as Judaism itself. With the beginnings of the mystical studies which became known as the Kabbalah, the question concerning the wearing of these amulets became a complicated one, as Rabbinical scholars have had varying opinions over the acceptance of them by the communities in which people lived. Though sometimes banned altogether, kame'ot were accepted eventually by many with scores of people purchasing them due to religious interpretation as to the validity of such amulets.

The study of the Kabbalah, which is interpretive of "the seeking of the truth" is very evident in Kabbalah Jewelry and Amulets. Ranging from the well known "Kabbalah Red String" which, according to ancient tradition was wound around the marker on Rachel's grave seven times, and is worn to receive spiritual guidance and blessings, the red referring to blood and creation; many Kabbalistic amulets have biblical inscriptions, and other mystical symbols to which those who study this philosophy can readily identify with.

Kabbalah Prosperity BraceletMany Kabbalah Amulets have symbols and inscriptions said to date back to the time of King Solomon, including words in the ancient Hebrew script used at that time. In fact, many blessings and symbols on these Amulets are attributed to King Solomon himself, including verses from the Song of Songs, and symbols such as the 'Shield' and 'Key' of Solomon as well as the three sided Pentagram, also a very well known symbol in the Society of Ancient, Free, and Accepted Masons, otherwise known as Free Masonry.

Joy of Life Kabbalah AmuletNot all rabbinical scholars have accepted the wearing of Amulets in order to receive spiritual guidance and protection, however, and Amulets have had to be 'designed' in ordered to be acceptable for use by religious Jews. The material from which amulets are made is also considered to be very important in the strength or 'Koach' of the Amulet for its wearer. Many authorities believe that such Amulets must be made from non-perishable materials. Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze are considered as non-perishable metals suitable for Amulets, while other materials include leather and parchment, the same material of the sacred Torah scrolls and the inscriptions for mezuzot (placed on the door posts of Jewish homes) and Tifillin (the leather straps wound on a Jewish man's left arm and hand, as well as placed on his head when he prays each morning. offers a wide selection of Kabbalah Jewelry made in Israel, including the following selection:

Four Names Kabbalah Bracelet (Red String)
Turquoise Kabbalah Amulet Bracelet (3 colors available)
Evil Eye Leather Charm Bracelet
Kabbalah Healing Bracelet
Red String Kabbalah Bracelet Four Names Kabbalah Baby Blue String Bracelet

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