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Spiritual Protection Solomon Seal with Charms Anklet


Gorgeous handmade charms anklet, made with multiple wax wires and includes a 925 Sterling Silver Solomon Seal and silver plated charms. The Spiritual Protection Solomon Seal Amulet believed to protect its owners soul from negative energies and strengthen self-confidence.

The anklet is available in a large variety of colors.

Dimensions: The handmade Anklet is a standard 9.5" in length. It can be ordered in any size at not extra cost.

King Solomon Seals: The Solomon Amulets were very specifically targeted, working on a specific issue or problem. The Solomon Amulets are written in ancient Hebrew text from 800 BC, chosen as a way of protecting the privacy of the wearer and for the powerful qualities associated with the text. The metal of choice for King Solomon Amulets is silver.

Available Options:
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